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" What really attracts me in this role is the variety. "

Michaël Desmedt

Junior trader

Michael Desmedt : Junior trader East-South African countries

Michaël Desmedt: “The global supply chain has always intrigued me. Working together with different international parties to get goods as quickly as possible to the customer, without losing the focus on quality & costs, is something that really interests me.

I joined Manuchar in 2015. I started as File Administrator to learn the tips & tricks of international trade. As Junior Trader I am responsible for the development of our steel activities in the East & South African countries. What really attracts me in this role is the variety. Beside of being in contact with our customers, I also work with other parties involved such as: suppliers, logistic companies & financial institutions. On top of that I can combine my days in the office with travelling to customers and suppliers around the world. You get in touch with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds which is a real eye opener. For me, Manuchar is a very supportive company listening to each and every employee and providing interesting career opportunities. Last year I had the chance of living abroad in South Africa for seven months to further expand our sales markets. This allowed me to further develop myself both professionally and personally. I’m sure much more opportunities are yet to come.”